Real People, Real Stories ….

Hakeem returned home to his family after a stressful day at work. In his normal routine, he changes his clothes, settles down to eat a hearty meal of pounded yam and oil rich Banga soup (one of his favourite meals). He settles in front of the television barely paying attention to the Mexican soap his wife seems highly engrossed in. He rather flips through the pages of the daily newspaper, after which he retires straight to bed to prepare for the regular early start and hustle through rigorous traffic to work. On waking up the following day, he notices weakness on one side of his body, difficulty in speaking accompanied by a sudden and excruciating headache that cannot be explained, he decides to call in sick at work, convincing himself all he needed was a bit of rest to revitalise his body, thus Hakeem waits for several hours hoping the pain would subside before finally reporting to a health centre, a mistake. Narrowly escaping death, Hakeem suffers a partial Stroke which resulted in the paralysis of his left extremities.

Worldwide, Stroke is a major contributor to complex disability (WHO)

Hakeem is a stroke survivor, he lived to tell the story, but not without a price, as the survival of a stroke is just the beginning of the long and strenuous journey to rehabilitation. This is a story too often told by people who have suffered a stroke, an event that could have been avoided.


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    Thank you So much Ma, this article is just the same story with my Uncle. If only he was careful. He didn’t survive his own as he is late now.
    We hope this blog will enlighten us every day with the right steps to take to living healthy especially with the silent killers like the state of our Hearts..
    Thanks Again


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    1. Thank you Chibueze. Please keep up to date with the blog posts and share so we can reach as many people as possible. Healthy hearts, healthy lives …😉


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