a day in my diary – my experience with heart attack – Part 1

Experiences could either break you, or give you a lesson or two, its your decision to choose

It started as just another day, a bit more exciting than usual as I had just taken a huge step regarding my application for a masters degree program in the UK. I was excited and daydreamed at the slightest opportunity about my classes, lecturers, and life in general in a different country. My mom’s voice joggled me back to reality, she decided to pass by my dad’s office to pick up something. We had just left the bank where we had deposited some money to aid my visa application, enthusiastic to update my university on the progress of my application I decided to take advantage of the diversion and rushed to my dads office to use the internet (rather than taking 20 minutes to send an email with my mtn line lol!).

I was startled to see my dad packed up and ready to leave the office at 4pm (NEVER HAPPENS, he is a workaholic), he complained about feeling weak and wanted to go home to rest a bit. just then my mom requested i followed him home, I was just about to grumble, thinking about that email, but decided to follow him anyways. I discouraged him from driving and asked that the driver took us home, after much cajoling he agreed. Just then I looked at him closely, he looked quite pale and weak, thinking all he needed was some rest we commenced our journey to the house.

However, midway through our journey he instructed the driver to divert and go straight to the hospital, I looked to the back seat where he sat and noticed his eyelids were drooping and he was clutching at his chest, I almost started panicking and called my mom to inform her of the change of plan. she asked me to give her an update once we got there.

To be Continued …


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