a day in my diary – my experience with heart attack – Part 2



My dad was diagnosed with hypertension over 10 years ago, and was placed on anti hypertensives (drugs used to manage high blood pressure) PERIOD!!! the man was clueless about what the drugs actually did, their side effects or dangers associated with poor adherence. He knew little or nothing about the causes, signs and symptoms of elevated blood pressure, neither did he know anything about other ways of controlling his blood pressure (except of course the dull way his physician always said “oga try and rest, you work too hard”).

A lot of people are poorly informed about hypertension and the dangers associated with it. There are several ways asides drug therapy which have been found effective in the management of hypertension and co-morbidities such as obesity and diabetes. They include; exercise, dietary and  lifestyle modification, smoking cessation and stress management. 

#story continued …

we got to the hospital in good time (thank God for close proximity imagine being stuck in lagos traffic), dad alighted from the car and rushed to the nursing station where he urgently requested his blood pressure be taken. The nurses responded by saying “oga where is your card?” at this point I was holding myself back from screaming at the nurse, but refrained and proceeded to obtain our family card from the registers office while they took his blood pressure.

I stared at them from the corner of my eyes while the registration clerk rummaged through numerous files in search of our card number, the first nurse struggled to get a reading with no luck and asked another nurse to try, during this process I saw my dad collapse right before my eyes. A million thoughts ran through my head in a split second, I rushed over to his side. At this stage, the entire hospital had gone into panic mode, as the nurses and doctors where running around seeking help, while other patients stared at us with the “eya” look on their faces. I’ll give them some credit, they acted fast, in no time, a doctor was at my fathers side on a long bench where they had hurriedly carried him onto, he held an injection in his hands and administered the medication but not after I had enquired what exactly they were giving him (yes I don’t joke).

After a few minutes, his eyes opened up slightly and the doctor kept calling his name Chief! Chief!! Chief!!! can you hear me …..

To be continued …



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