day in my diary part 3 … the Lessons


10 minutes later …. (after some intense tongue speaking prayer sessions – yes i am a christian! even the nurses were scared)

Oh thank you Lord! “I screamed. Legs? check! arms check! speech check! everyone heaved a sigh of relief. there was no way to check for other possible damage (neurological, or cardiac at the time) but he was stable at least. I saw a nurse wheel a chair to his side, time to move him to an actual ward (all this action happened in the reception of the hospital! free show abi? I thought as I looked around the lobby at the numerous eyes eager to know what had happened). Anyways, at this point I realised no one except the driver and myself was aware of what had happened. I immediately called my mom to inform her of the development. My mom is usually a very cool person who hardly panics at all, but now I could hear the panic in her voice, she was on her way to the hospital.


almost 24 Hours after … 2 am (on my bed)

I realise I had hardly slept since the incident. I could not, I mean I tried. My brother and mom begged me to get some sleep but I just ended up tossing and turning on my bed. Why can’t I sleep i though? daddy is fine, everything is fine!!! sleep!!! I repeated to myself countless times.

  • Stroke and other Cardiac events could  have effects on survivors and their carers (including family members) leading to depression, anxiety and low self esteem.                    Why put your loved ones through this if you can avoid it?

I did not tell anyone of my inability to sleep or the feeling of anxiety and resultant increase in Heart rate (110) and blood pressure (154/84) I was experiencing. It was a funny mix of quiet times when the reality of the incident dawned and the horrific thought of what might have been. Other times it was busy with visitors and callers, all well wishers.

N.B: This continued for a few days, someone said oh these are signs of shock or post traumatic stress disorder that was my cue I immediately reminded myself about the fact that I am a christian and as such cannot suffer from anxiety or depression, that was all I needed to bounce back.

3 – 7 days later …

Dad had a series of other tests including a blood analysis for total lipid profile, an ECG (electrocardiogram), an Echocardiogram ultrasound and Brain CT done (all of which cost an average sum, more than most average Nigerians are able to afford). Consequently, he met with a consultant cardiologist. He was discharged and was told to rest, but he was back to work 7 days later (talk about workaholism LOL!).


Early DETECTION and EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT of hypertension and other cardiovascular risk factors is crucial in preventing severe and irreversible complications  and consequently prevent the occurrence of sudden cardiac death.

High blood pressure – also known as hypertension – remains a growing problem in Nigeria and often times goes undiagnosed until severe damage has occurred.  Studies show that less than 20 per cent of Nigerians are aware that they have the condition.

it is imperative for EVERYONE (young and old) to have the basic and fundamentL KNOWLEDGE about the cardiovascular system, the common cardiac diseases, their risk factors, symptoms and prevention strategies. This would in turn reduce the overall burden of disease and death resulting from several preventable cardiac diseases.

Don’t wait till you or a loved one experiences a cardiac event before taking conscious efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this case Experience is not a reliable teacher – An epiphany  is not guaranteed.

Subsequent blog posts would be an expose on various cardiovascular and related diseases, risk factors, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and prevention. We would also cover how to identify warning signs of deadly Cardiac events such as a Heart attack and Stroke.






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  1. Brian Olatayo says:

    Vital lessons learnt, thank you so much blogger. What’s your take on the use of alternative medicine(herbal products) for the improvement of heart conditions?


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