Healthy living … the journey so far !!!

Variety-VegetablesFew weeks ago, I did promise to keep you up to date with progress on my personal lifestyle transition. YES! I’m going through a transition to CLEAN and HEALTHY living. I mean, I wasn’t born a health enthusiast, I have eaten burgers, pizzas, fries, fizzy and all you can imagine. I also love my gadgets, I mean sitting in front of my computer for hours, I used to be physically active years ago, but all that changed in recent years and I became almost sedentary.

But I made a decision to change all of that, not just to loose weight (of course thats an added benefit) but to keep fit, and healthy. I believe my body has been entrusted to me, so it is my responsibility to maintain it and keep it healthy.

My first target was my diet, so transitioning from unhealthy junk food, to making proper meals while inculcating the necessary fruits and vegetables to give a well rounded diet. I started off by using my theoretical knowledge of nutrition and metabolism, coupled with a bit of research on how meal ideas and how to translate “book to food” lol! I also went food shopping for basic food items such as vegetables (broccoli, carrots, green peas, cucumbers, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, e.t.c), pasta, cous-cous beans, and lots of bottled water.

I am a stern believer of personalising your health aspirations, which also means tailoring your health plans to cater to your needs, likes, dislikes, health goals, and importantly budget. Other factors to consider as well are availability and access to certain food items, I mean theres no point prescribing to a diet plan consituting food items you only see in foreign magazines and on the internet, GET REAL!!!

I still had some cheat days, where I ate a box of pizza, but I don’t feel any guilt, because i appreciate that its not a diet change, but a lifestyle change, in other words, it might take some time, extra effort, and motivation. I am in the process of trial & error to understand how I can create meals palatable to my taste buds using healthy ingredients.

I have attached some pictures of some of the meals I have experimented. You will see that I have inculcated a lot of vegetables into the meals, this is due to the tremendous and numerous benefits of vegetable to not only heart health but also overall health and wellness. I will attach some more in future posts as well as the cooking process.

Vegetables are intense sources of vitamins, minerals, fibre and are also low in calories. They aid in repair of tissues and increases the bodies resistance to infections. Eating a diet rich in vegetables may reduce risk for stroke, cancer, heart diseases and type-2 diabetes.




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