Cardiac Spotlight: Juliet Egbule

It was amazing speaking with the Cardiac movement. It is motivating and encouraging to know that there are other people equally motivated about making an impact.

The Cardiac Circuit

Our spotlight is focused on someone whose passion for CVD education is birthed from personal experience and a need to do something different from the norm. When we started The Cardiac Movement, it was important for us to connect with people who had similar goals and Juliet, the founder of The Heart Engine was one of those people. Enjoy this interview as we learned a lot from her and cannot wait to show you what we come up with together.

O: Hey can you tell us who you are and what you do?

J: My name is Juliet Egbule. First of all, I always like to start by saying I’m a Christian and what else….I really don’t like introducing myself to be honest. Professionally, I’m a health and wellbeing physiologist and also a public health professional as well.

O: What prompted you to start the heart engine?

J: First of…

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